Be Careful What You Wish For… – By Stef

The Story of: Gwendolyn the Great, Savior of Idlebury, Protector of the Universe

Every day, ten-year-old Gwen fantasizes about being someone important. But on one particularly rainy day, she peers out the kitchen window, plays with a magic coin box, and wishes for power, fame, and glory. Then an article in her mother’s Universal Scandals Magazine catches her eye and changes her life forever. Without warning, she’s propelled on a journey through the thirteen dimensions—a journey that will test her moral fortitude, jeopardize her life, and introduce her to the most fascinating creatures in the universe. But the most important lesson she learns is to be very careful what she wishes for.

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greendot_072008 DIY Book Festival
Honorable Mention
Teenage Category

greendot_072009 National Indie Excellence Awards
Young Adult Fiction

greendot_072009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
Children’s/Juvenile Fiction


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