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Be Careful What You Wish For… – By Stef

The Story of: Gwendolyn the Great, Savior of Idlebury, Protector of the Universe

“If you have not read this book you are missing out on an exciting adventure. Being with Gwendolyn through every twist and turn will keep you on your toes. Stef is a great author with an elaborate plot who can bring every character and situation together in the end. An amazing read.”

… Janine H., Centreville, VA

“A delightful read full of fantasy, imagination, and adventure.”

… PJ, Silver Spring, MD

“An enchanting, intelligent, witty fantasy about real life with an empowering message for young and old.”

… Barbara B., PhD, Newtown, PA

“A splendid and engaging fantasy with good characters that face fears, desires, and seek a better self. I like the way it offers a way to act out psychological drama in symbolic form. Its fidelity to emotion of the characters is what gives this book its power. It is rich in detail and emotion which submerged me in a complete world of character, plot, and setting.”

… Helen M, PBVM, Psy.D, St. John’s NL Canada

“What an investment!! I was engrossed in the writing from the beginning and a bit disappointed when I was on the last chapter to know that I was coming to the end. I hope there’s a sequel!!!”

… Geri D., Blue Bell, PA

“I enjoyed it. The story was very good and Stef’s writing style is superb. The story is far more complex than a young girl’s fantasy. In fact, there’s a strong moral, political, and economic message interwoven throughout, ala Gulliver’s Travels.”

… Fred B., North Wales, PA


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